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Related article: Date : Tue, April 6, 2004 19 40th EDT 16 From: Wyzman34 aol. com Subject: Chapter Two Brother 2 Brother Brother 2 Brother Michael Martell CHAPTER TWO : Mohammed Moyenda I favorite place in my house is not really within the structure, but n around. It's my yard, especially my backyard. When I look a lot to build my house on it was the size of the farm and the feeling that n which was an important factor for me. I would be there and display, where is the house where the backyard and be the n a feel that was right. When I was very happy that this law had feeling, which was a double corner lot, I liked not only his room n to build my house, but he offered a beautiful large garden, where he could n build a pool, a greenhouse, a garden of flowers and vegetables, and even a golf to make my daily Salah, the Muslim prayer. I have a huge amount of money in building my house, what many would call a mansion, and I admit which is a great place, butis full of love and if worship remains dependent on material things, is a comforting place I my ​​heart and soul. I have a house in which my child may feel comfortable and offers protection as well as a space for friends and family to collect. A place where they can live in peace and in which no one can hurt you. I creates a home that welcomes everyone. to perform the Salah was later called ' Asr. I was shot in the courtyard of my s, and in accordance with Islamic teachings before Mecca Ka'bah. I mean, to the east, with Muslim custom, she had done my ​​Ghusl Al, which is for Muslims to wash the whole body. It is important that the Muslim belief that the body can be cleaned pure. The Holy Quran tells us that God loves those who turn to him n and those who care for cleanliness. Cleansing the body, mind and taharah ot called dry cleaning. I was in my robe and prayer I started my Salah. Preferably, Salah is offered in Jama'at (congregation ). The nearest mosque is 15 kilometers away from me, but I mah go there for Ju '. It was difficult at times to be a the Muslim practice, especially after 9 / 11 seemed that everyone assumes that all Muslims hated Americans forget that many countries in Latin Muslims n itself. I had an altercation with a neighbor who spent a week after 9 / 11 had. I was going to perform Zuhr, which is in the early afternoon Salah, if My neighbor went to my fence separating my yard and their n over and looked in my backyard. He stood there and stared at me and bothers , but God gave me the strength to keep my concentration. " I can not believe you are one of the heads of towel n, attacked New York. " towel head was a crude term for Muslims and people of East Middle origin. I'm far from the Middle East. I was born and raised to be exact in the United States, Aiken, South Carolina. My father was a Muslim, and I was a Muslim at an early age. It amazes me the ignorancePeople can be. that s seems that everyone quickly to paint all Muslims and followers of Islam with the same bloody brush. Nobody believes that, as there are good Muslims and bad, there are good and bad Jews, and Christians. But it seems that we, as Muslims and followers of Islam do not the right, otherwise considered as terrorists. true Muslims believe in life and strive for harmony and peace and blessings, and is one with God. Those who want to destroy the lives of working in opposition to the teachings of God. I, like many, am Allah / God -loving Muslims, the law continued, with families, dreams, wishes, orders and liabilities. Like all Americans was shocked and saddened and upset what had happened, and life , which were taken, fear of 11 September. I cried and prayed for the world that he suffered that day. The passengers, people in the building on the floor. The families of the victims and the wrong terrorists Pthc Lolita Top who thought that they did was right. " Are not all the pride and love for this country, so much?" Had called my neighbor. pride and love for a country that enslaved my people, stole from their homes and denied them basic human rights diginity. The pride and love in a country , killed my people, families sold, raped, our men and women who are denied the same rights and yet, when the country during the war moves ask the descendants of slaves, to help and when all the s of them still mistreated and denied the same freedom they were fighting for. But despite all that I love this country and proud of it there, but to some extent. My love and my pride is not an advertising tool, it is something to contribute and show the world they know. I am proud of who and what I am and I have to announce any materials or symbols dass All you have to be the best person I can and raise my son to do, and the same. How I came to the conclusion that Pthc Lolita Top theI Salah, the sound of someone jump in the pool listening. I went to the house, and when I went to the pool, I saw my son, Jamal and his son Sonny, Kei, swimming n and splashing in the pool. I looked at my watch and frowned. is Jamal have clearly done his Salah and had time swimming and change. I thought Jamal was going on and further away from Islam. When Jamal Salah was still young and knew everything n To perform ablutions and purifications, and he was only five years at the time. But now I have found that, as he has grown and the world is a tough place, especially if you were a Muslim, s he left in his journey to Islam and the Muslim faith. I would never do force my child to be or what he decides not to be or do anything that s I did not want to do. He really wants to leave the faith and I of his father and support and love. I know it's hard for a Muslim to thisThe current date and time. The fact that I am gay, is an obstacle to many Muslims... or would be if many know what they do not. So it was a mistake can my ​​son Pthc Lolita Top away from it ? No, there were times when I wanted to run by itself, but since I 'm not like my father, my son is not how if that is a blessing or a curse, I think this is a matter of opinion that , and over time. Error When I saw swimming Jamal avoid being surprised how much my son had recovered from his accident last year, had been in the last year tough year for everyone, but this year is much better. Jamal had a long, lean, muscular, and as I saw it in the pool, that s moved with a grace that I know he inherited from his mother. There grow his hair and was now sporting braids or cornrows or that particular mood, hung for a week. Although he inherited from his Mother of grace and movement, and their smiles and laughter from me, inherited my looks and DemosAnor. Like me, he was quite slow to anger, , but when it does,watch out! Was devoted to his family and he showed his love for me and told me every day. I really could not believe what appear n be my life without my son. Jamal is a good boy, good son, would be a good father one day as well. My eyes turned to Kei 's son Sonny. If I did not know it would n jury Sonny Kei spit itself. Kei was the spitting image of her father s, including how to act, speak and rang. His it pretty, sexy and charming appeal of his father. Sonny was the Kei African-American and Polynesian heritage. He was tall like his father, that s had an incredibly sexy body. His complexion was a shade lighter than my Jamal is a type of light cream complexion. Kei these unbridled sexuality is about you that you feel good when we first meet him. It is very comfortable being gay and sexually. I still remember the first day I n Kei met. He appeared in the UNannounced on my door with that smile sexy, naked boy and a wink and announced it was searching for Dad. How could in turn the son of man that I love away? Kei was n us since then, and its appearance in our lives at home and found me asking questions and considering I've never seen before, , since both Jamal and Kei have to be more and spend more, and the n more time together. I know Jamal is right, but what if not? N What If Jamal came to me and told me he was gay, I say it? What my ​​reaction would be? I could not be sure, but I knew it would not be happy Yohance Moyenda reaction when I said, but in all honesty, my father and s was not even as close and told him that was my way, dammit a coup. But what I would do if Jamal was gay? I did not know and that scared me more than anything else. While Kei and Jamal and swam and played in the pool, stereo Jamal boom system ar rap favoritesTouch, a guy named Killa Kevie Kev. I admit, a rap and hip- hop fan and there are artists out there has the talent and a message and then there are those who are the operation of the mouth of cursing, disrespect of women and all other n can all for the money or talk about murders and gang crime and money and get all the bling bling. A rapper, who looks very similar to rapper called Infamous, which I think has some problems of its own. Killa Kevie Kev was not in line Infamous, in my opinion, but I n say it's a very sexual rap, as well as sexy. I remember a the room, where the big screen TV was on and Kei Jamal sleep Channel No favorite music, BET, and the two boys. Beat killa Kev n Kevie video for her new song called " SWING IN YOU " was playing. I had a beautiful, and was definitely something that can be danced. If the video Kev a s naked Kevie, least one T - shirt, revealing a chest incredibly sexy Sixpackabs that made me jealous baggy jeans and pendants made ​​in the ass under thick. Hey, I can n Sonny me, and he is a sexy man, but see nothing wrong with a good body. In the video he was doing almost Pthc Lolita Top pornographic dance moves with several dancers, men and women, also half naked. It was interesting and was the song that was to hit stereo. The sound of the screams of laughter Jamal drew my attention to the pool. Jamal swimming away from Kei, who had a firm grip on my son s the right foot and I realized what happened. To say that my son is super delicate, like the mother would be an understatement. Kei began to tickle Jamal and my son has gone mad. He laughed and tried to free Kei get to keep a firm and the look of joy on my face Kei miracle. Suddenly, Jamal was released and walked out of the pool floating. Kei was at his heels, but my son had taken a false, and as Kei left the pool, he appeared again, and when he has h. and grabbed Kei footer n and pulled him in. " Now we want to see if you like ! " Jamal said, and began to Kei, which had just given him. Kei said I was like his father, included as delicate as well. " NOOO ! I am the man.. please, please... " Kei broke into wild laughter filled the air and the courtyard. For some reason I decided to go met me. "What is that? " I asked feet. Both children appeared. " Hey Pop, some revenge. " Jamal said. He was still Kei keeping the foot and was not lost on me that Kei was not trying to away now had the opportunity. No, I'm stupid. " Well revenge later. You go out and be ready to dinner. " I looked at my watch. "Sonny would be home soon. " " pop Aight, " said Jamal. "Cool Mr. M. ," Kei said so. He had called Mr. M in n and do not care. I nodded and went inside. I was looking at random back and saw Jamal and Kei out of the pool and my eyes wENT for the blow very narrow clear Kei 's swim trunks when he left the pool behind my son. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, that hid mostly quite good, but not much. I did not want to see a Jamal. I just went to mine told me that you can Cancer my mind to worry about anything. N called Sonny, please let me know to come home half an hour. He said, , n misses me and had something important to say. I missed Sonny as well. Over the past three months on the road with Sonny was the XWF (Xtreme Wrestling Federation), while I had to stay close to home to take Jamal and care for me and mentally together again. I had to admit that was lost with all the guys Raod X- Ways Forensics. I missed the fight and the n but I was on an extended leave of the company, I knew that the n The longer you wait, the harder it would be to restore the flow of things. But after an accident Jamal and Getting custody of him, while Her mother took charge of their situation, could not come out easily and in which the road for months at a time, and was in a light schedule, after all, to have the full day, but now had to ensure that all is well with Jamal, who had arrived first. as Sonny would soon be home, showered and went to to start working on dinner. I could hear the stream of television in the living room and I Jamal knew and saw kei music video BET. I went to the kitchen y began at a welcome dinner for Sonny. Sonny once said: , there is something sexy about a six foot five inches tall, 275 lbs Muslim in the kitchen cooking, like Betty Crocker, Aunt Jemima and Julia in a child. I love to cook and it's amazing that I fly in an obese animal meal and snack all I do while I, but I also work as the kitchen while my metabolism burns right , n, before to allow time to arrange for an extended stay. II knew it was not long and cook something that would last for a while, not what I wanted to do. I also wanted a meal that is eaten quickly do to clean up a little chaos, because Sonny and I had some ` coupling 'catch. Three months without the person you love and you will know exactly what you is. So I decided that I do a little Brunswick stew and cornbread. that It was not long until you make the stew and cornbread. I just finished When I heard someone go into the kitchen. I turned to see me standing Kei not his father 's smile on his face. That made me lose even more Sonny. " Kei Wassup ?" I asked as I pulled the oven cornbread and began to cut into slices. replied: "None of Mr. M" Kei. " I just came to see what smelled so good, and I see you. " " I beg your pardon ?" I replied. " I said, you see here what smells good. You are a cook large. " smiled. His father says the same. "Thank you. I hope youFather loves is. " He smiled Kei and nodded. " I'm sure it will. "Kei got up and sat on an n is the kitchen counter. It was a little more than while swimming, but not much more. He had clung to a mesh T -shirt that your body is strong and showing his belly with laundry. there were a couple Pthc Lolita Top shorts and was barefoot. I note that he and his father s this by going without shoes, is not that there was a problem \\ \\ n both had sexy feet, but it made me wonder if it was a Polynesian thing or something s in your family. "I really love Makua, right? " " Makua "I asked, I had no idea what Makua. Kei chuckled. " Makua is the Hawaiian word for father. "He explained. sounded beautiful. I did not know the beauty of the Hawaiian language. N " Yes, I love your father very much. "She said response to question. Smiled n Kei when he brought his two feet on the table in my kitchen and then the feet and legs folded beneath him in the lotus position n ( Indian stYLE, as we called it, even). When he could not help noticing that I sat down, s not wearing underwear. His shorts were not as tight as it seems, were quite loose and sits there I could see what s that he had. When I realized that for it to be. " Kei, which are dropped from the counter. " I said. " Oh... sorry, I have no intention of doing so. " Kei said, I found n ask him if he did or not. "So I think going back and Makua retire after dinner... " Kei made ​​a gesture with the fingers of the right hand his left hand, which has a hole with your thumb and forefinger y put your finger right in the hole. " This is not your thing," I replied to perhaps a little harsh. However, to discuss the idea of ​​my sex life with my beloved only do not like. Pthc Lolita Top " He smiled kei. " I understand, " ", Mr. M. Kei, who does not have to call me Mr. M. "I said, I did not know how M Sound The Lord made ​​me feel and sound of yesteryear. " Well, what I can call? " " Well, Mohammed is in order. My friends, including her father calls me a Mo -Mo. " seemed to think of something. " Mo -Mo ? Hmmm... Mo -Mo... it does not sound sexy... Mo -Mo... Oh... Oh... Mo- Mo! "Kei laughed, but there was something in the form had told him that I felt like it was not funny. " Mohammed is good. "I said. Kei frowned. " But I like Mo -Mo. " " Well, then you can give me Mo -Mo,Oh, no... Oh call. " I added. Kei expression turned serious. " My father is a lucky man, has Mo -Mo, and I would also like to thank that I 'm staying here. " " Kei, okay. It is very good here and I have to say that I'm glad your father in my life seen. "Suddenly, Kei hugs me. The arms around me, like snakes, while holding me. returned the embrace of a fatherly way, as much as I could, but not hugging me in a platonic way. When he hugged me I could feel a lump grow in it, and he never something on her hips and tail down n mine. My bodyand began to betray me, I could feel my own cock begin to for life. " KEI HEY! " Jamal shouted from the living room, "Your Gonna Miss s infamous" VIDEO! " Kei let me go back to the left and screaming. " I come "and then turned turned and Pthc Lolita Top looked at me and smiled before leaving. I smiled back, , but was just an automatic response. I poured a glass of ice of water and cook food again. " What's happening ! "If n I think of the kitchen door, and when I heard the voice of Sonny was n still hope and pray it's not a dream, and that if I turned round n, he stood there. I turned slowly to me and I burst in the ass with a big smile. I could not move, all I could do was stand there and look. had three months since I saw not even tell on TV, but live and direct. was n the six and a half feet to him. it looks different, though. His hair was longer especially in the short and s that with a beard and it was evident thHe had always been a bit of sun n ot work was lost. His body was as good as any. The sun must have that had to be slightly tanned complexion, light almond. I had forgotten the attraction was, but I've never forgotten how much I loved him and how I missed it. " Well, I get a hug or something? " Sonny asked, opening his arms wide. I do not need to ask twice, and I was in his arms like a shot, and we hugged as , felt his huge arms Wrap me oh so well. Then he kissed, It began slowly, but soon there was a fire. The fire of the two lovers, n missed and wanted nothing more than being together in all arms. We would have loved there in the kitchen had Jamal n Kei did not come "kissOooh !" No kidding. " Sonny will tell you. " Jamal stepped into laughter. Sonny and I stopped to kiss, but we were in the arms, as we have seen n our children. " do not both have something better to do ?" 'I asked. "t More FunThey have that? "Kei said. " Um... No. " " Now find something. " I replied, smiling again. Sonny pushed me, and " I thought we were going to eat when Sonny came home ? "Jamal. That Sonny looked into his eyes. " I'm a little hungry. The airplane food is bad as shit. " " So be it, dinner is served, after washing his hands of all n and get ready. 'S Kei and Jamal were shot away. Sonny turned to me. "I missed you so much," he said, turning my passion into a deep and narrow hug. "And I love you so. " I closed my eyes, sighed, and then exhale. " I missed you too and I like you. " We kissed again and I knew that I had never felt love like this before. We had dinner on the table to express an oddity, to say. Sonny spoke about the tour and took what was wrong with Kei and Jamal. I watched and listened to the conversations. If you do not know, you'd swear that Sonny had two sons. Jamal and Sonny had to close, which was received important to me. The dinner was grewanted was good, and the conversation, but I Sonny me. We had three months to catch up in love. Everyone had finished eating and seemed to enjoy the Brunswick stew and cornbread. " This was a great meal," said Sonny, as he reached across the table n and took my hand. My cock stood up as if with a simple touch. Hi, three months ago I had with him. I wanted so bad now. N "Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. " Sonny looked at me with this I hope he knew well. This view, that the word, said the Marvin Gaye, ' as we are ! " And I wanted wild, bad. The next thing I got knew Kei and Jamal and clearing the table. " Hey guys, I can do n it. "I said surprised. " We have, "said Jamal. " Besides, " Kei said : Kei was right " I think there are better things to do except n sink.. " Sonny and I got up from the table and went hand in hand to down the stairs to where our room was located. Walked into the roomthat that we share, and there was no need for words or phrases, how much I missed and loved. We went together and began to kiss other lovers, as they do when they have not seen for a long time. I sighed and groaned as he felt the soft lips against mine Sonny. I had forgotten How are soft and sensual lips. Like when I kissed her, as soft bite on the lower lip. As he wrapped his arms around me, and pushed me towards him, as his hands kneaded his back. I forgot is large, his body felt in my arms, his body hard against mine. Sonny Pthc Lolita Top nibbled and sucked my bottom lip, which he loved. Sonny always said that that my lips are very full, especially the lower lip ones. I felt my thick loose life roaring and ready to bust. Sonny expressed his abdomen about their own clothes and rubbed against my erection covered. " Oooh," Sonny sighed in my ear. "Your cock feels so good. " There was no need of words to answer it. I justgrinding my hips to make clear that his cock felt good to me. "Mohammed," said Sonny, as he started kissing me again. " I love you so a lot and I missed," " Ohhh baby... I love you and missed you, and I would not believe. " " For me, how much, honey. " Sonny said he began to remove my shirt. I smiled when I started to remove his. With each piece of clothing that we eliminated, we would have to kiss the exposed area. Her tongue on my nipples made ​​me crazy. I lips on her belly made ​​her moan. Soon we were like the first day we were born naked, , and is in the center of the room wonderful view, our body hot with passion and our love, our lips devours the other. at any time For all this, I had the radio and I slow Groovin ' u0026 turned and B Soul Station, WWYZ, The Wiz, 96, played by Mary J. Blige, who fell on the bed kisses and caresses and touch, as if for the first time. My lips moved in Sonny 's neck and over his ears. " Ahhhhh... yeah, baby, yeah... " saidnny groaned when I hit one of the hot points on your body. My hands moved over her body to stop in his six pack abs tickled and moved slightly bent, and stomach. "Oh damn shit... " Sonny laughed. She knew her body, knowing the back of my own hand. I knew the little chest hair, went to his rejuvenated in his belly and pubic area. He knew his hot -spots were behind the ears, abdomen, of course, and when I caress the palms of his s, goes mad. He loves to rub her back, when we make love, and that has this cute mole on the back, right shoulder blade s and if me and kiss with tongue, starting in place to shake and vibrate. He has the same knowledge about my body. He knows the back of the my ​​neck and my nipples are hot spots, and he knows when massage my ​​little toe is my heat, so he knows when it sucks pinky toe having an orgasm is like no other. Sonny I turned on my stomach and Spread her ass cheeks and difficult firm ass cheeks licking, I can work my tongue n around and inside her tight hole. " Lawwwwwd " Sonny gasped when I went to work. I knew he liked to have the ass to eat and I was more than happy to oblige. He touched the pillow and buried his face in the pillow. I could hear him shouting joy when he began to drag the bed. With my big hand ' seems' to be ass, I knew I would place. " Oh, Dad!" Moaned Sonny. Put it back. "POP !" He staggered n and writhing. I put two more times. ` Pop! " 'Pop "' RRRRRGGGGH ! "Sonny growled with lust. " Do it again... again by big daddy ! " I started whipping his ass again and again and with each stroke, it was difficult, , and more difficult. Sonny shuddered, groaned and shouted at every blow and blow. n " Oh God... "Sonny with a groan, " Yes... oh... oh... oooh... no... stop... wooo! " SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK SMACK THIS THE SMACKETY ass ! N "Oh ! OHYES! " Sonny yelled. I kept pounding her ass until itsAss hot. She knew her ass was always almond beige, seeing red it. It was time for another big and had to be good. I came to back and beat his ass as hard as I could, and if it sounded as if struck a shot. "Damn!" Sonny complained, as she buried her face in the pillow. I hit over and over again just in case. With each beat Sonny moan and scream. I reached into the nightstand a cup of cocoa butter and apply a generous amount of pull your ass. Sonny and cooed groaned, as the freshness of the cocoa butter makes it easier to heat and sting my ​​lashes. It was comforting her ass raw. I massaged the cocoa butter muscular ass while he moaned and shuddered. I liked the feeling of your ass s in my hands and the sound of her moaning was driving me crazy. I use something more between your ass crack and ran into me as I allow my in and around the fingers in the ass to work. " Oh... Oh... oh... oh... " Sonny groaned as he realized what was happeningING. I worked on the index finger in the ass. In her tight ass and hot. I was on my finger would be in and out of her ass and work with everyone in , and the movement of Sonny moan and grind her body Pthc Lolita Top in bed. extended his legs wider with each insertion of a finger. I changed my finger with my middle finger up Sonny and ass in the air, so access best ass. " Awww... yeah... Ohhh yes daddy!" Sonny moaned while working ass. As pumped my fingers, and pulled my cock from her ass Wild. He wanted to be where my finger. I pulled out a Magnum condom as Sonny rolled onto his back. I made sure that ass is nice and lubricated with cocoa butter. She opened her legs and held them in the air makes the perfect access to her ass. Slowly, steadily and gently n I put my dick in her ass lubricated and catch fire. Her ass was so strong I thought I , I come right then. " Oooooh... Pthc Lolita Top UHHHN " Sonny complained when Ihim. I felt his ass s closed around my penis. "Oh, shit... OH SHIT... AHHH! Mo... Mo... Ohhh... Yessss ! Yesss... ooooh daddy! Baby Ooooh ! " Sound sexy noise Sonny is driving me crazy. I started to get in the ass, pumping slowly, but with each stroke I went faster n is faster. Sonny wrapped his long, strong legs around my waist while riding his cock in my s. Drenched in sweat from our bodies, how we loved each other as we fucked , since you never see again. "The work that ass ! " I told him how. "SYesYes Is the ass THIS! " " is your ass ! " Sonny said. "Who is the ace ? Pthc Lolita Top " I said louder. "IT MO MO... ass ! " " You're right, dammit !" I said again, as I grabbed his ankle and pulled always return to the head while I immersed myself in deeper and deeper. that felt so good, so damn good... Oh Too Damn Good! I would not come. I want it to take longer. I wanted it to last forever, but none of us could not hold any longer. " Ooooh... Oh God, Dad!... I'm running! Oooh... AHHHH... YESSSS... AWWWW... " was right with him. I could feel orgasm for me. I was about to burst , and I knew I was going to die, when that happened, and n was the best way to go. Our moans and screams reached their climax, which filled the room. that was so high, I knew that everyone in the world could hear us. " OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH " Sonny was a loud groan as the tail throw hot cum all over his chest and belly. started speaking in tongues, like the inside of Sonny broke ass. shaken my body and sealed. trembled and shook. I broke gently on Sonny and kissed his forehead and face and lips. " I love you Sionne " I said looking in his eyes when I used to call your particular n. " I love you too, Mohammed, " Sonny, she said breathlessly. minutes later we were sharing a shower together, it took not even love in the shower, but twice. When finally the shower returned back to bed naked and kissing and huggingall another page. "I missed you so much. " Said Sonny when snuggled against my chest. " Not half of what you missed. " I replied. Sonny looked at my face and smiled. "Does that mean he's ready XWF back? " " Huh?" Rio Sonny. "Come on, Mo- Mo Are you ready to come back? " I had to admit that I'm on the road and be with the kids and lost special to be back on the road with Sonny. But there were Kei and Jamal think. " What worries him," said Sonny, if I up " they are old enough to be here only a few days. " Said Sonny. " A few days? " I replied. "Try a couple of weeks. " "Mo Mo" Sonny stopped in a sitting position in bed. "We can take precautions, but they are old enough to handle, n own. We have someone who stay here with them, if you feel better. " " Sonny, and you know, I want to " " on the road and back into the n the action, but we have a family to consider. Mohammed,You can not keep in his career forever. You can " Sonny n said. N " I. I have a large living room in professional football and fighting and I and my money wisely, so I have no problem with money. " " Are you saying that you can not lose? " " Are you kidding units, crazy me know what I do. But keep in mind the boy. good, " " Pthc Lolita Top Well, I'm home for a minute, but I must say that you Miller back, but not to wait forever. " I sat down. " What are you talking about? " " Mo, I'm not saying you excited, but he has called for new talent few has been and is the brother of Jesse T! He has the size, appearance, and still young. It was actually a younger version of her n. " " So? " " So? Miller said it's hot to have this type in the list and if which ultimately could be for you to XWF. "Sonny said. I had seen , whichever is earlier. A fighter is injured or something about a a longer period and the nextThing, the wrestlers knew that from that are replaced. I do not envy a man in this business, especially as , a black man, but do not let anyone just take over me and Spring my ​​office that I worked hard for it. Maybe it was time to return to the oscillation of things. Jamal and Kei old enough to be alone here, and if had a responsible adult to check, would be so bad. " Can we talk about the morning ?" He asked wearily, and only love in his arms and he with me. Sonny smiled, "of course. Good night. " "Goodnight. " He said I gave him a kiss and a hot season for long. that wrapped our arms around each other and ready to sleep. The sound of snoring woke him up. Her eyes were dark settings the space and the glow of the television still on. He blinked and rubbed his eyes n while trying to control time. It was shortly after midnight. Fell asleep watching television. He sat up and stretched his body, which was a -bit sensorand sleeping on the couch. He had in his own bed to get. that was when he heard snoring again. He thought it was the sound of their own snoring s he had awakened, but it was not. Both had to go bed. He was about to wake him when he realized that the shirt is carried out. He had forgotten to remove his shirt. It s was found admiring the way you sleep. Not that he had seen the chest of his s naked, but this was the first time I could, in his view in the chest, with no one around. Her body was handsome. Pthc Lolita Top A wonderful body. The working ports were paid. Her body was wrong. that let his eyes fall on the rest of the body to sleep and when n oticed the bulge of his cock in his jeans. He stood there, looking at the total respect of the glorious body of the ss of beauty and sensuality of those who sleep form. The next thing I knew, who arrived with clumsy fingers n touched the breast of the sleeping form of his friend. He felt hot and heavy n and soft yet. He waved his hand gently on his chest and tried not to wake. He let his fingers over the nipples, the entry erect and hard and realized that the tremor and movement of the tail. The largest n , as he enjoyed the feel and touch and let his fingers touched her nipples again to tweak a little. There was a sigh and a grunt that from to jump five meters. Check if he was still asleep n convinced that he came again and this time he shook and woke him up. " Why," he said. " It's past midnight, time to go to bed," Jamal and Kei This led to their separate rooms. This story will continue. ! Soon the next chapter three The author would like to hear from you at: wyzman34 aol. com
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